Seven Come Eleven
(Charlie Christian solo)

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        "Blues in B"

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Original Solo

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Backing Track

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170 bpm.mp3
200 bpm.mp3
232 bpm.mp3
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• Start slow and build up!

• Charlie Christian played with Benny Goodman only 2 years before dying of tuberculosis at age 25. Even so, he has influenced many, many players in many genres.

• Charlie was, together with Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie and others, one of the first to play jazz in a style that would later be called "bebop."

• Many bebop licks slide into a major third from a half step below (the minor third).

• Charlie used a couple fast arpeggios in this tune.

• The song was co-written by Charlie and Benny Goodman and recorded in November, 1939. (You can easily find the whole tune on Youtube.)

• I love this. Hope you do, too!

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