Triads: Understanding the 4 Most Basic Chords


In this lesson, I show how to find the four triads (3-note chords) on piano, then on guitar. I also cover the intervals of a major 3rd and minor 3rd, and what is meant by chord "voicing."
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Points to Remember:

The 4 triads (3-note chords):
       Major (1–3–5)
       Minor (1–b3–5)
       Diminished (1–b3–b5)
       Augmented (1–3–#5)

• Major 3rd: 2 whole steps;
  Minor 3rd: 1.5 steps

• A diminished chord is a "stack of minor 3rds"

• An augmented chord is a "stack of major 3rds"

       - Major: bright, happy
       - Minor: sad, darker
       - Diminished: 'wild card';
      -  Augmented: 'springs' into
         more consonant chord?

• Most songs are made with major and minor chords. Diminished and augmented chords are also used, but less often. (George Harrison of the Beatles often used them!)

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