Rolling In The Deep (Adele)

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Points to Remember:

Almost whole song can be played with a 2-note 'power chord' (root and fifth, with no third).

• Strum for almost whole song is down strokes on the 2 bottom (lowest sounding), strings (E and A).

• Use 'palm muting' to get darker, percussive sound

• Tricky part of song is delaying switching to next chord on verses. Chord changes on "and of 1." (If too hard for you, just change on "1.")

• Besides normal verses and choruses, the format of this song is a bit unusual. There are variations I call "pre-chorus," "special chorus (1)" and "special chorus (2)."

• Adele drops the guitar on Verse 4

•Trivia: Adele called this song a "dark blues-y gospel disco tune."

• Trivia(2): Apparently, on the last line of the first verse Adele wrote, "I'll lay your shit bare," but for American TV she sings "ship," instead.

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