Five "CAGED Chords" Exercise

Increase finger dexterity and go through all keys in the Cycle of Fourths

• You should already know the Five CAGED Scale Shapes



• These five chord shapes go in the order: E–A–D–G–C (up in 4ths).

• The interval of a 4th is very easy to see on the guitar neck: The next note up on the same fret (except, of course from G to B string).

• "Up a 4th" and "down a 5th" will bring you to the same note. For example: Up a 4th from C is F; down a 5th from C is also F.

• I usually don't play the top (highest sounding), E string in this exercise.

• The "D shaped" chord used in this exercise only includes 2 of the notes in the open D shape (on the G and B strings). This new chord "grip" has the 3rd of the chord in the bass--a very useful chord to know! (You don't play the A string or top E string with this grip.)

• By going up a fourth every time, you'll eventually play all 12 keys: C, F, Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, B, E, A, D, G

• The purpose of doing exercises like these is not to become a "master of exercises," but because they can help you build strength, dexterity and familiarity with fingerings and sounds, etc., that you can then use in your songs and soloing.

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