Beginning Soloing: Dorian

   • "Jazzy Minor" Scale
   • Hum It, Then Play It

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    CAGED Scale Shapes, Modes of the Major Scale
    Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales
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• Backing tracks in 4 different modes
• TAB/Score of licks and concepts presented


• "Dorian Mode" is the same as the natural minor scale, but with a major 6th, which makes it a little brighter. It has a minor I chord and a major IV chord.

• The backing track is a i7 - IV7 progression in C (Cm7 - F7).

• You can play the Dorian Scale (1-2-b3-4-5-6) over it, or its subset, Minor Pentatonic (1-b3-4-5-b7).

• One of the licks uses an "arpeggio," which is when you play the notes of a chord in succession.

• We'll start super easy; by humming just one note!

• Try making your own variations of these licks and lines.

• Try playing the lick up or down an octave.

• Try harmonizing melodic lines in 3rds or 6ths.

• Try playing it on different parts of the neck.


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