Guitar Stories; Pivoting Primary Chords

guitar stories

Since a few people had been asking about my 1959 Guild archtop, a few years ago I made a video about it and was surprised to see it got a lot of views. So, I decided to make videos about my other guitars, as well. So far I’ve finished six vid’s, and may do a few more. I currently have ten guitars in my collection, which range from solid bodies to archtops to acoustics. Heck, you may even learn something! But it’s mostly for fun.

!I’ve also finished a pair of video lessons on what I call Pivoting Primary Chords. Basically, this shows the smoothest way to change between the three main chords in a given key. (Example: C, F and G in the key of C.) I think it’s something everyone should know (especially if you’re playing in a country band!). The lesson includes a companion video which shows the concept on the piano keyboard (to make it extra clear).

Enjoy, and have a great 2019!


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