1) Favor? In a fit of frustration I deleted my youtube channel, then 2 days later wished I hadn’t. I’ve re-uploaded most of my videos to a new channel, but now need 100 subscribers before I can get my old custom URL back. So if you have a minute and don’t mind, would you please sub? Thanks! CLICK HERE
2) None of my products (bonus packages, play-along videos, etc.), are currently available for purchase (due to robotic attack from paypal—long story). I hope to switch to a different payment processor to fix this soon.
Thanks for your patience. It’s been a very diffcult last few months.

Beginning soloing

Beginning Soloing: Hum It, Then Play It

Want to start soloing on your electric guitar? I’ve just finished a series for beginners on how to do just that. My Intro video tells you what you’ll need (slinky strings, a decent ear, etc.).

bending, sliding, vibrato, harmonics, hammer-ons, pull-offs

Soloing Section Debuts with “Expressive Techniques”

It took me forever to find an amp that had the right sound for my new Soloing section (the winner: Swart AST Pro), but once that was in place, I was able to film the first few videos, which I call “Expressive Techniques.”

suspended chords 4, 2

Suspender Chords!

Just Kidding–I meant “suspended” chords, of course. You don’t have to wear suspenders to enjoy these handy embellishments to your open major chords.