More Charlie; Strum Along With John Fogerty

Blues in B Charlie Christian

Since many seemed to like my Charlie Christian solo lessons, I made another one on “Blues in B,” which had been requested by a number of folks. Instead of an actual song, “Blues in B” is an impromptu studio jam between Charlie and pianist Johnny Guarnieri. It’s got some classic bebop licks, plus a couple of what in jazz are called “clams.” Again, the Bonus Package includes backing tracks and PDF score/TAB–for just $8.95!

Then, to help learners who are trying to master strumming, I did a lesson on the Credence Clearwater Revival (John Fogerty) classic, “Proud Mary.” Most strumming involves keeping your picking hand swinging up and down. This tune features some syncopation (strumming on the upbeats). If you can get this down, most other strumming should be a cinch! The Proud Mary Bonus Package also includes backing tracks and a PDF, but also has two Play & Sing Along videos at two different speeds–all for just 99¢!

Happy Pickin’,


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