"Blues in B" Solo (Charlie Christian)


• PDF TAB/Score of Solo
• Backing Tracks (piano, brushes)
    - 3 different speeds: 100, 80 and 60% speed
• Video of Entire Solo (at 80% speed)

Interesting/Useful Info:

• Recorded March 13, 1941. Other personnel: Johnny Guarnieri (piano), George Auld (sax), Cootie Williams (trumpet), Dave Tough (drums).

• The key of B has 5 sharps (F#, C#, G#, D#, A#). These are all the black keys on the piano, which is probably why Johnny Guarnieri called that key--it's fun to play in on piano. However, the horn players (Auld, Williams), almost never play in B; that's probably why they barely join in the jam.

• I included a short line that was actually played by the sax (bars 4 and 5 of 2nd chorus)

• Charlie makes what, I think, many would consider mistakes (or, "clams"), in this solo. Of course, he probably didn't even know this was being recorded. He's just having fun and experimenting in this unusual key.

• Some of the questionable things Charlie plays:
- playing a major 7 over a dominant 7 chord (end of 1st chorus)
- playing a lick featuring a 4th and #5 over the IV7 chord (E7) in the 4th chorus
- in the 4th chorus he emphasizes both a #5 and b5 when playing over the V7 chord (F#7)

• I doubt you'll want to learn the entire solo...just pick out some fun licks/ideas and try applying them to your own improvisation.