"Rose Room" Solo (Charlie Christian)

• The song that got Charlie the job in Benny Goodman’s band!

PDF documents
• Solo Score and TAB (with fingering)
• Intro, Chords, Clarinet Solo

Backing Tracks
• 'Digital Audio' Style:
        Solo Section: 120bpm, 147bpm
        Whole Song: 120bpm, 147bpm
• 'MIDI' Style:
        No Guitar: 80bpm, 100bpm, 147bpm
        With Solo: 80bpm, 100bpm, 147bpm

Interesting/Useful Info:

• The song was written in 1917 by a piano player who played in the 'Rose Room' of the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco. The song has words, but it's hard to find a version with the vocal.

• This solo comes from the October 2, 1939 recording done in Columbia Studios in New York City.

• Legend has it this is the song that got Charlie Christian the gig with the Benny Goodman band. Benny was initially not interested in having an electric guitar player in his band. But when Charlie's gear was snuck onto the bandstand one night, Benny called Rose Room, thinking it would be too hard for Charlie. They ended up playing the song for 45 minutes-- Benny was so taken with Charlie's playing! He hired him on the spot.

• The song is in the key of A flat.

• Original song is about 147 beats per minute. The Bonus Package contains several backing tracks at different speeds to practice with.

• I divided the solo into 11 sections, or 'phrases.'

• Several licks I refer to as 'diagonal' arpeggios, because they run across the fretboard in that direction. (When I play the guitar I usually see shapes on the fretboard.)

• "Phrase 5" is the fastest/hardest in the tune. After you learn the notes, put a metronome on very slow  and play along with it. Then slowly  increase speed. Also, take a look at your picking hand. (Starting the lick on an upstroke may help?) Good luck!

• As always, try to sing along with all the phrases as you're learning them!