"Airmail Special"

Charlie Christian Solo

(Also known as “Good Enough To Keep”)


PDF TAB/Score of Intro, Solo

20 Audio & Backing Tracks
• 'Digital Audio' Style, full band-minus-guitar in 5 different speeds:
100, 140, 170, 200 and 232 (full speed) beats per minute
• 'MIDI' Style:
        Solo Only: 100, 140, 170, 200, 232 bpm
        Intro ('Head') Only: 100, 140, 170, 200, 232 bpm
        Full band (plus guitar): 100, 140, 170, 200, 232 bpm

Interesting/Useful Info:

•Written by Charlie, Benny Goodman and sax player, Jimmy Mundy. Recorded March 13, 1941.

• The song features a C diminished 7 chord for 4 bars, which then steps down chromatically (Bº7, Bbº7, Aº7). After that are to dominant 9 chords (Ab9, G9).

• There are major arpeggios and diminished arpeggios.

• Diminished arpeggios are just a string of minor thirds (1.5 step intervals).

• Charlie added a few fast hammer-on/pull-off trills in this solo.

• Original tempo is about 232 beats per minute. The Bonus Package contains several backing tracks at different speeds to practice with.

• I divided the solo into 7 sections, or 'phrases.'

• Phrase 5 is a long, descending chromatic line with a few notes reiterated.

• "Phrase 6" is the fastest/hardest in the tune. After you learn the notes, put a metronome on very slow  and play along with it. Then slowly increase speed. If my fingering feels awkward, try it a different way. Good luck!

• As always, try to sing along with all the phrases as you're learning them!