Song Lessons By Type

Level:   Beginning Intermediate Advanced
Genre:   Pop  Rock  Country  Jazz
Type:   Chords  Sing-Along  Solo  Chord-Solo

Airmail Special (Charlie Christian) A wild, fast ride with a long chromatic run and a series of arpeggios!
All The Things You Are (Oscar Hammerstein) Simple, bouncy-tempo'ed version with common chord voicings.
Blackbird (Beatles) Paul McCartney's Bach-inspired masterpiece, with harmonic analysis and discussion of "tenths."
Blues in B (Charlie Christian) Five times through the 12-bar blues in this impromptu studio jam. No fast stuff here, just lots of classic Charlie licks (plus a few "clams!"
Born To Be Wild (Steppenwolf)Lyrics & chords only
Bryant's Bounce (Jimmy Bryant) Jazzy country guitar solo from 1953. Has tons of arpeggios!
Country Roads (John Denver)In key of "G," for lower voices and ease of playing
Dead Flowers (Rolling Stones)An easy country song from the Stones' great Sticky Fingers album
For What It's Worth (Buffalo Springfield)"There's something happening here..."—Stephen Stills
Have You Ever Seen The Rain (Credence Clearwater)Lyrics and chords only
Heart of Gold (Neil Young)Classic acoustic guitar sound; just 5 open chords
Here's That Rainy Day (Jimmy Van Heusen)Starts on F minor and ends up in F major! Features long, descending bass line, some good hand stretches.
I Can't Help Falling In Love With You (Elvis Presley)Practice "arpeggiating" chords (play one note at a time)
Isn't She Lovely (Stevie Wonder) Gorgeous, happy tune with sophisticated chords and "voice leading." Learn chords and/or "chord melody" version(s).
Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan)Super popular beginning guitar tune! Good strumming practice.
Let It Be (Beatles)In key of "G," for lower voices. Use capo for higher voices!
Message in a Bottle (Police)I took some liberties with this Police/Sting tune and found some interesting grips to get the "5-stacks" that Sting is so fond of.
My Girl (Temptations)"I've got sunshine, on a cloudy day..."
My One And Only Love (Wood & Mellin) Beautiful j ballad with some "contrary motion" and challenging "grips."
My Romance (Lorenz Hart) Another standard jazz ballad, with melody, chords and bass.
Nowhere Man (Beatles)Great song for harmonizing with your friends!
Peaceful Easy Feeling (Eagles)"I like the way your sparklin' earrings lay..."
Peg (Steely Dan) From the King of Cool Chords (Donald Fagen). Features a "4-stack" chord often used in Steely Dan songs.
Proud Mary (John Fogerty; Credence Clearwater Revival)"Rollin' on the river..." Master the art of strumming!
Recently (Jim Croce) My jazzy arrangement of little-known Croce tune. Nice voice-leading, diminished 7th passing ch....
Rolling In The Deep (Adele) Almost whole song can be played on bottom E and A strings. Also employs "palm muting."
Rose Room (Charlie Christian) Easier, medium tempo tune that got Charlie the job with Benny Goodman's band. (Has one fast lick, though!)
Route 66 (Bobby Troup)"If you ever plan to motor west...get your kicks on Route 66!"
Seven Come Eleven (Charlie Christian)Fast, fun bebop solo by the 'genius of the early electric guitar.'
Some Day My Prince Will Come Fairly easy rendition of the Disney classic that's become a jazz standard. Starts off spare and rubato, later comes into tempo with bass line.
Stand By Me (Ben E. King);John Lennon & othersJust 4 chords! Easy to play in key of "G."
That'll Be The Day (Buddy Holly)Early rock classic. Chords: A, D, E, B
Up On The Roof (James Taylor version) Based on JT's folk-pop version of the Drifters' classic. Discusses "pivoting primary chords"
Who'll Stop The Rain (Credence Clearwater)Lyrics & chords only