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• Upper Intermediate Lesson

• Also discusses chord voicing, voice leading, diminished 7th chords. Plus, a fancy ending chord with harmonics!

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Points to Remember:

• There are a couple instances of nice voice leading in the song. 'Voice leading' refers to the way the notes (or 'voices') of one chord lead into those of the next chord.

• It often sounds nice to keep 'common tones' (notes that don't change), when switching between chords.

• Diminished 7 chords are sometimes used as passing chords (to connect one chord to another).

• There are 2 kinds of diminished 7 chords: 'half diminished' and 'full diminished.'

• Another name for a 'half diminished 7' chord is 'minor 7, flat 5.'

• (Full) diminished 7 chords have a 'doubly-flatted' 7 (which has exact same sound as a major 6th).

• (Full) dim. 7 chords can also be thought of as a 'stack of minor 3rds.' (Minor 3rd = 1.5 steps or tones.)