Message In A Bottle (Police/Sting)

• The first video shows the whole tune
• The second video shows you how to play it

Points to Remember:

• Like many Sting songs, this one features several "5 stacks," or two intervals of a fifth, one on top of the other. For example, it begins with the notes, E, B, F#. E to B is an interval of a fifth, as is B to F#. A "5 stack" has an open, modern sound, and Sting latched onto that as part of his signature.

• The intro of the song plays the two 5 stacks simultaneously, which is a neat trick, and gives a very interesting and complex cluster of notes. This fingering is unusual, but not that difficult.

• The harder part is in the verse, when the melody is added to the 5 stacks (4 of them in a row, beginning on E, C, D and A).

• Probably the hardest chord in the chorus is the F add 9 (bar 17). I use my thumb to get the F bass note. You should also try to get the open G to ring.

• I slap the neck at the 14th fret on the A7sus chord in bar 25.