My One And Only Love

• The first video shows the whole tune
• The second video shows you how to play it

Points to Remember:

• This is my finger style arrangement of the beautiful jazz ballad. If you’re not familiar with the tune, you can probably find several versions to listen to on youtube, iTunes, etc. It’s a good idea to sing or hum along with the song until you know it fairly well.

• Download and print the PDF, above, to see the TAB, chord grids and traditional score.

• It starts with a descending bass line: C, B, A (on 5th string), G (6th string), while the melody ascends. (This is known as “contrary motion” in music theory.)

• There are a few difficult chords (or “grips,” as the great Joe Pass called them!), in this one. It’s good to practice changing from one chord to the next, over and over, until your hand gets used to the transition. Good luck!

• If you get it down, I’d love to hear it. Upload it somewhere and send me the link!  --Dave