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Bonus Package , Just $8.95 !
Includes all this:

• PDF TAB/Score: Solo; Intro, Head, Outro, Chords
• Solo at 4 Different Speeds: 100, 130, 160 and 180bpm
• Backing Tracks (guitar, bass, brushes)
    - same 4 speeds: 100, 130, 160 and 180bpm
• Entire Instruction Video


• By the amazing Jimmy Bryant from 1953. In the very unusual key of Db!

• Song "backcycles" through circle of 5ths: C7 > F7 > Bb7 > Eb7 > Ab7 > Db

• Many, many arpeggios!

• Solo is made up of the top part of many advanced jazz chords: 6/9 chords, 13 chords....

• Most of the song is in A A B A pattern.

• OUTRO features a series of diminished 7 chords.

• Good exercise for fretting hand!

• I wrote my own 8-bar solo in place of Speedy West's steel guitar solo.

• "Head" section repeats after solo, with a few alterations.