My Romance

• The first video shows the whole tune
• The second video shows you how to play it


Points to Remember:

• This is the beautiful melody from Disney's "Snow White" which has become a jazz standard. My arrangement is basically a series of chords with the root on bottom and melody notes on top.

• The first time through is very sparse--just the outline of the melody and harmony, played freely.

• The second time through, the bouncy swing tempo is added. the bass note is either a 5-1 figure (for example, E to A in the key of A), or coming from a half step beow (e.g., A to Bb).

• At the end, I play an F major 9 chord on the top 4 strings, then use the thumb and first finger of my right had to play artificial harmonics ("A.H." on the TAB), 12 frets up from each note (on the 15th and 17th frets).

• The last note of the song (a low F) is played by hammering onto the first fret of the low E string with the right hand.