Proud Mary (John Fogerty, CCR)

…And The Secret to Strumming

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• Play & Sing Along videos at two speeds
• Bass & Drum backing tracks at two speeds
    - both stereo and mono versions
• PDF of Lyrics


• The song was released in 1969 and has been covered by many artists including Tina Turner.

• Just before changing to the next chord you can lift your fretting hand off the neck and just strum the open strings.

• The "trick" is to keep your arm swinging up and down, and feeling when to touch the strings and when to just pass over them.

• You can also do the "chuck" strum a couple times in the song.

• Sometimes the strum emphasizes the up beat ("&"). At first this may feel odd. It's known as "syncopation."

• Get your friend to sing harmony on the "rollin'" part!