Peg (Steely Dan)

“Peg” Chords TAB/Score PDF: Just $.299 !

Points to Remember:

• Download and print the PDF, above (just $2.99), to see the TAB, chord grids and traditional score.

• In my video I said there was a distinctive "minor 7 #5" chord (voicing: 1-b7-b3-#5). A couple of viewers commented that the chord should actually be called an "add 9" chord (voicing: 3-9-5-1). They are technically correct. However you call it, the notes are the same.
The chord has a '4 stack' (an interval of a 4th followed by another 4th). It has a modern, open sound and is a favorite of Donald Fagen's.

This chord is also known (amongst Steely Dan fans) as Mu Major.

• The intro features chords, the roots of which descend chromatically, alternating between beautiful 'major 9' chords and jarring '#9' chords.

• The song is about an aspiring actress who inadvertently gets involved in 'foreign films,' (porn)!