Soloing Section Debuts with “Expressive Techniques”

bending, sliding, vibrato, harmonics, hammer-ons, pull-offs

It took me forever to find an amp that had the right sound for my new Soloing Section (the winner: Swart AST Pro). But once that was in place, I was able to film the first few videos, which I call “Expressive Techniques.” (You can watch the introduction video here.)

I figured, if you’re new to soloing, it’s best to start with all of the things you can do, like Sliding, Bending, Hammer-ons, Harmonics, Vibrato, etc., to add some expression to your soloing attempts.

I also made a Bonus Package with 12-bar backing tracks, PDFs, etc. to go with the sliding, bending and hammer-on/pull-off lessons. You get everything for just $4.95!

Now that these intro videos are done, I’ll move on to some actual soloing suggestions for both beginners and intermediate players.

Not sure if I’ll ever give tips for advanced soloists. Heck, if you’re already at that level, you can probably teach me a thing or two. 😉



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