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Hammer-ons & Pull-offs

(Includes ‘Country Feel’ 12-bar Blues Exercise)
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• PDF TAB/Score for Sliding, Bending,
   Hammer-on&Pull-off Exercises

• 12-Bar Blues Backing Tracks for above three lessons


• Hammer-ons & Pull-offs (H/Os & P/Os), are another basic technique that most soloists couldn't do without. (They're especially popular in country music.) Because you can make several notes with a single pick, they can make you sound way faster than you are!

• Hammer-on: The aim is to keep the note ringing after you hammer your finger down on the fretboard. So, you need to do it pretty fast and firmly.

• You can also do 2 or more H/Os in a row. Or, a whole series of H/O-P/Os. (Guys like Jimi Hendrix would sometimes do this.)

• Pull-off: Pick the string, then pull your finger sideways to kind of 'pick' the string. Again, the note should keep ringing.

• The tune also includes "double pull-offs" on the high E and B strings which use your little finger. This may take some practice to get down, but is a very common technique.

• Ends with a "double stop" (playing 2 notes at once), but hammering just one of the strings (a very countryish lick). Be careful not to touch top E string with 3rd finger when you hammer onto the B string.

• The 12-bar exercise is in G (chords: G, C, D).

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