Introducing “RoadLicks” Minimalist Lessons

Day Tripper, Jenny 8675309

A while ago I got the idea to get a minimalist Traveler Guitar (I have no affiliation with them), head out on the road somewhere and make short videos on simple riffs (or “licks”).

So, four months ago I put my folding bicycle on the train from Bangkok (where I live), to the resort town of Hua Hin, 120 miles south. From there, I rode further down the coast, stopping at four different beach areas. In a sleepy place called Sam Roi Yawt (“300 Peaks”), I made my first two videos on the beach.

Near the last place I stopped, Ban Krut, I made two more. I decided to do little-to-no editing, but just upload them to youtube “as is.” These first four videos feature main riffs from the classic tunes, Day Tripper (Beatles), Jenny – 867-5309 (Tommy Tutone), Them Changes (Buddy Miles), and Pretty Woman (Roy Orbison).

I added a “RoadLicks” section in the Intermediate Section of Dave’s Guitar Planet. Check’em out. Hopefully, I’ll be adding more RoadLicks from various other locations in the future.



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