1) Favor? In a fit of frustration I deleted my youtube channel, then 2 days later wished I hadn’t. I’ve re-uploaded most of my videos to a new channel, but now need 100 subscribers before I can get my old custom URL back. So if you have a minute and don’t mind, would you please sub? Thanks! CLICK HERE
2) None of my products (bonus packages, play-along videos, etc.), are currently available for purchase (due to robotic attack from paypal—long story). I hope to switch to a different payment processor to fix this soon.
Thanks for your patience. It’s been a very diffcult last few months.

US flag, gibson howard roberts

Moving Back To USA (?)

After seven and a half years in Bangkok, Thailand, I’m now back in the good ol’ US of A, and it feels like I’ll stay

charlie, modes

Charlie Christian, Modes Page…

Howdy Gitpickers! 1) I finally finished my “Seven Come Eleven (Charlie Christian solo)” lesson. This is pretty advanced, but I try to lay it out

modes of major scale

Modes of the Major Scale, Peg…

Learning the Modes of the Major Scale on guitar is an ‘aha moment.’ Plus, an advanced lesson on Steely Dan’s ‘Peg,’ and two easier pop standards.