“My Girl,” Double-Stops, and Spicy Thirds

smokey robinson my girl, keith richards, chuck berry double-stoppers

My Girl Is Your Girl
I’d been wanting to do this classic Temptations number for a while, since it’s good for beginners and includes a famous example of the major pentatonic scale. I also made a Play-Along video (for a minimal contribution). Be the first on your block to buy it! (Hell, be the first on the planet!)

Stop It! (Twice.)
A “double stop” is when you play two strings at once. Rock and blues are filled with them. I show three fairly easy licks in a Chuck Berry/rockabilly vein. I love all the textures and rhythms you can get out of them. Check ’em out!

Two’s Company; Thirds Are Cool
As you may know, what makes a chord sound happy or sad is whether it contains a major 3rd or a minor 3rd. Well, even if you didn’t know that, you can probably get something out of this video. You’ll not only learn how to play thirds all over the neck, but also get to play them in four different modes. (Watch my series on the Modes of the Major Scale in the intermediate section to bone up on them.) The Bonus Package includes four backing tracks and three PDFs.

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