Find Notes On Neck, Diatonic Chords

interval of tenth, diatonic triads on scale circle

New Lessons
I’ve uploaded two more lesson videos to YouTube. The first one is about How to Find the Names of Notes on the Neck. This is something you will need to know if you intend on becoming an advanced player. It’s actually quite easy—there’s a simple trick!

In the second video I teach you about the Diatonic Chords, which are the seven chords in any particular key that make up most pop songs. This is an extremely useful concept in music theory. Again, I use the piano keyboard to explain it, then show it on the guitar. For a lot of people, this is an “Aha!” moment, and things will start to make much more sense after you watch it.

I’ve been busy here in Bangkok doing other work…and then came the holidays. I’ve started work on an easy play-along song, so look for that in the next couple weeks.

Music is Magic,


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