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Howdy Gitpickers!

1) I finally finished my “Seven Come Eleven (Charlie Christian solo)” lesson. This is pretty advanced, but I try to lay it out clearly. I created a Bonus Package (for a paltry fee), that includes 8 backing tracks at various speeds and 2 PDF documents to go along with it. Charlie was one of the first electric guitarists and also one of the best!

2) I also made time to make lesson pages for my series on “The Modes of the Major Scale” (difficulty: intermediate). The first lesson is about finding the modes on the neck, and the second lesson shows how the seven modes can be arranged from brightest to darkest. I used a screen cast of a piano keyboard to make it extremely clear. Learning about the modes is a great way to improve your ear, which is half the battle in becoming a musician!

A friend recently came to Bangkok (where I live), and brought my 1975 Fender Stratocaster with him from Seattle (where I grew up), so I’m thinking it would be fun to now make some lessons on rock and blues licks. I’ve finally got a guitar I can bend strings on again!

See you soon.


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