Modes of the Major Scale, Peg…

modes of major scale

Welcome to Dave’s Guitar Planet! Here are some of my recent lessons:


How to Play ‘Peaceful Easy Feeling’ on Guitar

(“Play-Along” section starts about 10 minutes in.)

How to Play “Stand By Me” on Guitar (with Play-Along)


Learning about “The Modes” (7 different-sounding scales/chord progressions), is a great way to improve your ear and become an intermediate player:

“The Modes” 1: Find On The Neck

“The Modes” 2: Bright to Dark

How to Play “Peg” (by Steely Dan) on Guitar

(Unfortunately, youtube says this is “blocked in some countries.”)

Feel free to poke around the various lessons, songs and theory PDFs.

Some of my axioms:

“Music is something you hear; not see.”   Seems obvious, doesn’t it?

“If you can’t sing it, you can’t play it.”   The best players “sing through their instrument.”

“If a song doesn’t have at least a little blues in it, I’m often not interested.”

If you have some feedback on any of my lessons, etc., or you’d like to request a lesson on a certain song or topic, please let me know.



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