Basic Boogie Rock in Open A

Want to learn to rock? This is where you start!


• This is a very basic 12-bar blues pattern:

   A x 4, D x 2, A x 2, E x 2, A x 2

• Many Chuck Berry songs are based on "boogie rock" like this.

• Picking is all down strokes.

• You can add some "palm muting" to give it a heavier feel.

• Try accentuating the down beats (1, 2, 3, 4). Lighten up on the up beats a bit (the "&'s").

• Standard blues uses the I, IV and V (1, 4, 5) chords. (Also called the "primary chords.") In the key of A, A is the 1 chord, D is the 4 chord and E is the 5 chord.

• The main feature of rock is the steady, driving beat. So, work with a metronome or drum track to get it. Good luck!