Descending Sixths Country Lick

This one has some fancy picking and goes by pretty quick, so I’m calling it an *intermediate* lick.


• This lick consists of Major Sixths and Minor (or Flat) Sixths.

• If you start on the root of a major scale ("Doe"), you have to go up 5 whole steps (2 frets=1 whole step), to reach the sixth degree of the scale ("La").

• An interval of a b6th (flat sixth or "minor 6th"), is 4.5 steps.

• The "Diatonic Series" is: maj (I), min (ii), min (iii), maj IV), maj (V), min (vi), diminished (viiº). In this lick, we don't need to go up to the 6 (vi) or 7 (viiº) chord.

• I use "hybrid picking" (using both pick and fingers), on this one. You can, of course, also do it with thumb and fingers.

• The "major shape" and "minor shape" come from the G and top E strings of standard major and minor barre chords.

• The picking is a little tricky on the first four notes: pick G string, slide up, pick E string, slide down. Gives it a "slippery" feel.

• I sometimes use this lick in an intro to a country tune like "Hey, Good Looking," by Hank Williams. You can probably fit it into many country solos somewhere though!