4-Notes-At-Time Scale Exercise

A great way to get the Diatonic Series into your hands–and ears!
• You should already know the Five CAGED Scale Shapes


Benefits include:
- strengthens fretting hand
- down/up picking practice
- coordinates left and right hands
- get Diatonic Pattern into hands and ears
- memorize the guitar neck

• Two of the 5 CAGED Shapes cover a 4-fret range (the C and E shapes), so there is only one way to finger these. The other shapes (A, G, D), are 5-fret shapes. Try to find an efficient way to play in the transition areas of these shapes (where you have to slide out of the original 4-fret range).

• The purpose of doing exercises like these is not to become a "master of exercises," but because they can help you build strength, dexterity and familiarity with fingerings and sounds, etc., that you can then use in your songs and soloing.

• Use down/up picking. And, it's best to practice with a metronome: It's like having a little drummer that keeps you steadily on the beat! You'll really see your improvement as the exercise becomes second nature and your speed increases.

• Try singing/humming along with it as you play it. This will help you internalize the Diatonic Pattern (whole, whole, half, whole, whole, whole, half steps...).

• Imagine you're playing it for someone--make it sound smooth, clean and musical!