Intro:  5 Scale Shapes—

           Why Learn Them?

Points to Remember:

• They're called "shapes" because each one contains different fingering patterns. Each shape contains all of the Modes of the Major Scale, so very flexible. They allow you to play anywhere you want, up and down the neck!

• There is one shape corresponding to each of the basic open chord shapes; C, A, G, E and D. That's why it's called the CAGED System.

• This is just a 'teaser' lesson to show why learning the 5 shapes is an excellent way to start mastering the guitar neck. To start actually learning the shapes, go to the individual lessons on each shape.

• About 6 minutes into the video I demonstrate how you can use the 5 shapes to play in a major feel (bright/happy), a minor feel (moody, sad) and a dominant 7 feel (bluesy/funky), while playing anywhere along the neck. Multiply by the 12 keys and that's a lot of musical possibility!

• Print the PDF documents (above), to get ready to start learning!