'Repeating Blues-Riff' Songs

– Good Golly Miss Molly (CCR)
– Born In Chicago (Paul Butterfield)
– Lucille (Everly Brothers)
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• Three tunes from the '50s & '60s that are basically just a repeating riff!

• Each song follows the standard 12-bar blues format.

• Interesting to note that Little Richard was the first to do both Good Golly Miss Molly and Lucille.

• Good Golly and Born In Chicago are a little syncopated, which means the riff accentuates some off-beats.

• Born In Chicago ends with 2 bars of A. Then you go to the beginning again, which is 4 bars of A. Therefore, you'll end up playing 6 bars of A in a row. Don't let this confuse you!

• The Lucille riff is basically a dominant 7 arpeggio (1-3-5-b7). The song goes back to the V chord (D), at the end, which is an extremely common variation in standard blues.

• All three songs are great rockin' blues numbers to try with friends, or at a jam session.

• You can easily find the original tunes on Youtube.

• There are many other old blues-based songs that are made primarily from a repeating riff.