Sing and Play a Blues Lick

Points to Remember:

• "If you can't sing it, you can't play it." I may have this engraved on my tombstone. 😉 Honestly, the best way to play with heart and soul is to "sing through your instrument." Anyone who does otherwise is not a musician, in my view.

• If you don't sing in the shower or in the car, then you should! If you can't make up little ditties, or hum along with songs on the radio (in tune!), then you need to practice that!

• If, on the other hand, you can come up with little musical ideas (licks or riffs), then this will help show you how you can play them along with a 12-bar blues.

• I use the Band-In-A-Box program to make the 12-bar blues backing track in this lesson. It's availble from (or perhaps via bittorrent, etc.).