"Spy Licks" (Intermediate lesson)

• Famous licks from James Bond, Peter Gunn and Secret Agent Man

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• Score and TAB.pdf
• Guitar & Drums-135bpm.mp3
• Guitar & Drums-80bpm.mp3
• Drums only-135bpm.mp3
• Drums only-100bpm.mp3
• Drums only-80bpm.mp3

Points to Remember:

• I made a short medley of the main licks from James Bond (movie), Peter Gunn (TV series) and Secret Agent Man (song and TV theme). If you want to play the whole songs, just search youtube!

• All licks are in E minor.

• The "Peter Gunn" lick is straight 8th notes: 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &. You may want to dampen the bottom E string just before playing the open A string.

• You can use "palm muting" (rest the heel of your palm lightly on the bridge), for a slightly heavier sound.

• You can also pick very close to the bridge for a bright, tinny sound.

• In the 'chords' section, strum all 6 strings.

• "C/E" is what's called a "slash chord." The letter after the slash is the bass note.

• In the "Secret Agent Man" lick, the top (highest sounding), E string is always played with an UP pick.

• Minor 6 chords have a cool, spooky sound, My final chord—a minor (add 9)—has a similar sound.

• Medley's too short? Play it twice!