Screaming Stretch To Unison

(More a technique than a lick)


   • "Pink Cadillac" backing track (E)
(mostly in E, but also has A and B chords)

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   • Minor Pentatonic Scale (Across Neck)


• You'll need a guitar with skinny/slinky strings for this technique (.010's on first string, or lighter)

• Unison: Two notes, played together, of exactly the same pitch.

Example: open first string (E) and fifth fret of B string (E)

NOT a unison: open first string (E) and second fret of D string (E). This is an octave, not a unison.

• "Green Eyed Lady" is an old song that features this lick/technique

• A fun technique to use occasionally in blues or rock solos.

• Use your third finger to push the lower string until it matches the sound of the upper string. (You'll bend the lower string up two frets, or a "whole step.") Use your second finger behind the third to help push.

• Try adding vibrato to the lower string with your third finger. (Without moving your first finger!)

• Most rock and blues players don't use the pinky that often, as it's too wimpy.

• Try moving this 'screaming' note up and down a scale. (For example, the notes of the Minor Pentatonic scale.)

• Try playing it to the "Pink Cadillac" backing track, above.