Seventh Chords; Foundation of Improv/Soloing

bb king, 7th chords

It’s fine to play songs made of mostly major and minor chords (triads), but if you want to add more colors to your pallet and start jazzing things up, you have to get into seventh chords. I make it super easy to understand these chords by first showing them on the piano, then on guitar. I also show how you can use the three main types (major 7, minor 7 and dominant 7), to play a common chord progression.

Five Notes To Fame
Have you been wanting to start playing guitar solos, but don’t know where to begin? The first thing to do is to get familiar with pentatonic (5-note), scales (see Beginning section). There are two flavors, major and minor. Almost every guitarist starts with these—and some rarely go beyond them! Sometimes we play them across the neck and sometimes up the neck. Once you get these under your belt, you can start making up your own melodies and licks…and start jamming!

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