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I’ve cleared a lot of my schedule so I can spend more time doing what I like, which is making more lessons for this site! As a result, I’ve been pretty busy adding content. I made a couple on basic music theory and ear training (Triads, Singing Intervals). Then I decided to do one on Adele’s huge hit, “Rolling In The Deep.” You can almost play the whole song with one 2-note chord shape!

Some of my most popular videos have been on easy classic pop songs which include the lyrics on the screen. So, I decided to create a new series called “EZ Strum & Sing Along.” Instead of trying to show how to play something exactly like the record, I tried to make a simple arrangement with one strum pattern that works for pretty much the whole song. Heck, it seems a lot of beginners (and others), mainly want to play a basic version of one of their favorite songs. Plus, you don’t even have to look at my head in these videos. 😉 Give ’em a try: “Dead Flowers” (country-style Rolling Stones song), “Let It Be” (Beatles), “Nowhere Man” (Beatles), “Route 66” (Bobby Troup, Nat King Cole…), “That’ll Be The Day” (Buddy Holly).

Next, I may try to add a song for intermediate guitarists, and maybe another music theory one.



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  1. Dave, I think your site is great! I really like the work you did on Air Mail Special.

    Best Wishes and Stay Safe!

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