Points to Remember:

• The musical alphabet is from A to G, plus 5 notes in between = 12 notes. However, the "letter name" notes have no inherent (built-in) feeling. Numbering the notes of a scale 1 through 7 (plus the 5 notes in between), I find much more useful, as these notes retain their feeling and character, no matter what key you're in. This is why music theory is so basic: It greatly simplifies and 'humanizes' music.

• Each of the 12 intervals has a feeling or personality. I provide some words that I think describe the different feelings, but see if you can come up with others!

• I start with the intervals that I think are easiest to hear, and progress toward those that are 'weirdest' or harder to hear.

• Basically, most people can hear the lower chord extensions quite easily. It may take some time and practice to get accustomed to hearing the higher extensions and flat intervals.

• To me, 'blue notes' are those that can be bent to create a bluesy feel; mainly, the b3, 4 and b7.

• Besides the Root, the two strongest intervals are the 4th and 5th. Other intervals have two kinds: 2 & b2, 3 & b3, 6 & b6, 7 & b7.