“Screaming” Lick, Boppin’ Country, 12-Bar Rock

country bop intermediate guitar lick

It’s great to learn songs and improve your understanding of music with the modes, etc. But sometimes you want something short, sweet and fun. While a lot of guitar teachers discourage the learning of “licks,” it’s certainly the way many of us started out, myself included.

So, I decided to add a few fun “lick” lessons to DGP. One is perhaps more of a technique than a lick. I call it the Screaming Stretch to Unison, because it’s a way to make a very sharp, “screaming” sound on your guitar. (You will need skinny strings for this one.)

I also show how to play a couple country-sounding licks that work well over major chords. One is a cute and simple Country Bop Riff with descending and ascending (down and up), lines. The other is a bit more advanced, since it uses some fancy “hybrid” picking, plus “Slippery” Major and Minor Sixth intervals.

Last, I made a lesson on Basic Boogie Rock in a 12-bar blues format, ala Chuck Berry. This is a staple of rock technique, so if you’re not sure you know it, then you’d better check it out!

Happy Screamin’, Boppin’ and Rockin’!


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